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iSMNN: Batch Effect Correction for Single-cell RNA-seq data via Iterative Supervised Mutual Nearest Neighbor Refinementn

Published in Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2021

Recommended citation: Yang, Y., Li, G., Xie, Y., Wang, L., Lagler, T. M., Yang, Y., Liu, J., Qian, L., & Li, Y. (2021). iSMNN: batch effect correction for single-cell RNA-seq data via iterative supervised mutual nearest neighbor refinement. Briefings in bioinformatics, bbab122. Advance online publication.</p> </article> </div>

CUE: CpG impUtation Ensemble for DNA Methylation Levels Across the Human Methylation450 (HM450) and EPIC (HM850) BeadChip Platforms

Published in Epigenetics, 2020

Recommended citation: Gang Li, Laura Raffield, Mark Logue, Mark W. Miller, Hudson P. Santos Jr, T. Michael O’Shea, Rebecca C. Fry & Yun Li (2020) CUE: CpG impUtation ensemble for DNA methylation levels across the human methylation450 (HM450) and EPIC (HM850) BeadChip platforms, Epigenetics, DOI: 10.1080/15592294.2020.1827716